How to Begin Your Freelance Life: My Story – Part 3

This is the third post in a four-part blog series about how I started working as a freelance writer and the takeaways you can learn to set on your own path to a truly free freelance life of your own.

Check out part one and part two if you missed it.

With a list of ideas that had been brewing in my mind and online for years, I requested a meeting with this editor I inadvertently worked with!
I didn’t have much to speak of as far as recent freelance writing experience. It had been 7 years since my time at the newspaper. I had some contest submissions and my personal blog and not much else. But I didn’t need anything else.
Here’s what I sent: (Note the names and places were omitted to protect the innocent. Well, namely me and my editor.)
Subject: Writing for “Super Awesome Magazine”

I don’t think it was a coincidence that I ran into you not long after I moved here. I was the administrative assistant for the “so-and-so corporation”  when you came by! I am actually now with a smaller firm, but I am wanting to get back into freelance writing. The magazine has really caught my attention lately, particularly the quality of the writing and photography used. I’m new to the area, so a lot of the articles and ads have been extremely useful to me. I’m about to pick up a subscription soon.

I really miss features writing. I did it for several years back home in South Carolina for The State newspaper, and I’d like to return to it! Most of my clips are in the morgue back home, but I do have a couple to show off. Let me know what your requirements are for doing writing for the magazine.

For examples of my writing, please go to the following: – some of my professional work – recent business, professional blog – personal blog

Thanks so much for considering me!
The next day she responded requesting to meet up for coffee!
Remember: For local clients who are at least somewhat familiar with you, you may not have to send queries with ideas immediately. 
In this case, even with my lack of clips, the ones I had were very strong. Sometimes old clips and great qualifications work!
This is where the clash between my life as an administrative assistant and as a writer began to happen. Foolishly, I agreed to meet her on a weekday on arguably the biggest, busiest road in the city, because it was close to my job. I only had an hour, and I needed to get back on time to make sure the phones were on. I had a few minutes of “late time” so I could run a work-related errand, but that was it.
Finally, after bearing through traffic and getting lost. The Starbucks was in sight. But then I realized something.
I was at the wrong Starbucks.
Yep, there were two within a couple of miles of each other. So now I would be late for the meeting and late for work.
Thankfully, my editor-to-be brushed it off and I was already prepared with a list of ideas.  No coffee or pastries for me, but I did have an interested editor!
Remember: Hope for the best and plan for the worst is a cliche because it is true.
She gave me a copy of the magazine and media kit and told me she liked my clips and the ideas I presented.
I followed up with her via email, and when I didn’t hear back, I followed up again.
Not long after this, I found myself out of a job and a newlywed within a week of each other. it was not the place I wanted to be, but I knew something better was on the horizon.
Remember: A fall back plan is wonderful, but it’s not always readily available. And it isn’t a requirement for success.
Now to you: If you are a freelancer, tell me a bit about how and why you got started. If you aren’t a freelancer, let me know if you have any questions!

If you enjoy my writing style and would like to work with me, contact me!

And now, the epic conclusion of the series.


6 thoughts on “How to Begin Your Freelance Life: My Story – Part 3

  1. Another nice installment.

    I went into freelancing after being laid off for the eighth time. At that time, I’d spent a year being yelled at and called “mediocre” and I was tired of feeling so beaten down. So I took matters into my own hands. I’m back in a cubicle copywriter position, but I still freelance on the side. And I feel much more empowered for it.

    1. 8 times?!?! Holy crap, woman. That’s insane. Kudos to you for sticking it out. Thanks – I didn’t get many people on my email list to open it so I’m glad it got some views.

  2. Willie ~ I’m enjoying this “real life” story: good writing, *and* an interesting story!
    To your “fall back plan ~
    “If Plan B doesn’t work, remember this: The alphabet has 24 more letters!”

    Bright Sunday Blessings ~

    1. So glad you like it! Thank you for stopping by and subscribing. Love that quote.

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