“Bucket List” Winners & Other Big Announcements

Updated: March 25, 2013

A big congratulations goes to Sophia and Halo for their winning Bucket List entries. All of the entries I received were phenomenal. Thank you so much! I really hope to do another giveaway soon.

If you are on my mailing list, you got this announcement a few days early, so here goes:

I’m not launching a newsletter. I’m launching an e-book on how to find your writing voice….oh, and…


Date: TBD – I hope to have at least a basic site up by the end of May, but it depends on hosting. If you want to stay in touch, use my contact info below or subscribe to this blog on the right.

After all these years, I’m going to have my own site. I love WordPress, so I’ll still be using .org, but this will give me a chance to perk up the design and allow more interaction,  creativity and professionalism.

I may also use another domain to make it less about me and more about my readers. I want to create a hub for freelancers of all types to learn and share from each other.

I will still promote blog subscriptions using my e-book and always be grateful to my current subscribers. I hope all 30+ of my current subscribers’ information will be migrated when I move to .org. If not, I will be personally contacting all of you to make sure you are informed.

This means I will only be blogging about once every other week to focus on the book and re-design. *sadface* I also am going to be guest blogging a lot, so I will promote them here. And, of course, potential clients will be led here until the launch.

To stay in touch, remember you can always find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Have you undergone any major changes in your business? Or do you have advice/suggestions for my site? I’d love to hear the good, bad and ugly! 🙂

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