Celebrating Loving Day in Alabama

loving day birmingham alabama virginia
So I may be slightly biased about the Loving v. Virginia case.

RSVP: 2017 Loving Day event in Alabama!

Part of my big passion is Loving Day. The past three events received media coverage from WBHM, our local ABC affiliate and AL.com.

I created a local event in Alabama to draw more attention to the landmark case Loving v. Virginia and how it changed the face of American society – by ending interracial marriage bans in the United States. Racial discrimination is still a very real thing people face every day. It’s up to us to do something about it.

For 2016, we raised over $350 as a thank you in a fundraiser for LovingDay.org where you’ll also see press coverage in the updates section. 

For details on the 2017 event, email lovingdayal@gmail.com.

Past Events:

Photos from 2016

Photos from 2015

Photos from 2014

Photos from 2013

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  1. Let God bless your marriage, I am also praying that God will hear my me and also be happy like you Guys ,God bless you

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