A Tidier Site (Bit O’ Spring Cleaning) & An Update

Design changes were made. (Hope you like them! Let me know in the comments.) Service offerings were trimmed.

A smidge of spring cleaning to spruce up the biz.

However, the best news to date:

My Freelance Life will be here June 1st!

Since I’m using WordPress.org, I hope to keep all of my followers, but please use the underlined link above to subscribe just in case. The design may or may not change depending on feedback.

Your responses to my survey will be heard. There shall be:

  • Quick Q&As with writing and administrative leaders (and perhaps a few other interesting industries) about growing a business
  • How to wade through the sea of information about freelancing and administrative consulting
  • Case studies of how folks became freelancers, including myself
  • Positive and uplifting news in the business world

Other fun stuff:

  • Mega-beefy guest post I did on More in Media on do’s and don’ts of Twitter that you probably haven’t considered before. Seriously!

6 thoughts on “A Tidier Site (Bit O’ Spring Cleaning) & An Update

  1. I like the design…clean, simple, easy to read. Myself, I am kind of a “pandaprenuer” I enjoyed reading yer stuff. Be the Bear.

    1. Pandapreneur? Nice! Thanks for stopping by and subscribing! I’m really happy with the new site.

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