One Little Known Benefit to Using a Administrative Consultant (Read: Virtual Assistant)

virtual assistant

Every great virtual assistant website will tell you two things:

  1. What is a virtual assistant?
  2. What can a virtual assistant do for me?

If you are unfamiliar with the world of virtual assistance, I can answer the above two questions in two sentences.

A virtual assistant, often specializing in an administrative or business skill, can help businesses via phone, e-mail, internet, fax and other virtual methods. This means that a business owner can save money on overhead while still utilizing a skilled professional.

That’s it! I’ve already saved you hours of researching.

But wait…

After pondering this, I realized that my continuous research and training about this business has not only helped me summarize the answers to those two questions. It has unearthed one benefit that you may not fully realize:

You aren’t simply “hiring” a virtual assistant. You are partnering with another business owner.

Think about that. Sure, you are saving money and space, but you are also gaining the time and resources of another business, not simply another person. That’s why I like to consider myself an administrative consultant rather than simply a “virtual assistant.”

The idea that homebased or virtual businesses are simplistic ways for mothers or retirees to stay at home and earn an income is rapidly changing. The most successful virtual assistants I’ve encountered are the ones who are really, truly CEOs of their business. They take pride and ownership in their expertise and bring that to the table when consulting a client.

That’s the VA I am becoming. When you contact me, I will not have the lonely mindset of a stereotypical independent contractor. I have the attitude of a businesswoman ready to assist another business.

If you have a business need, let me help you in a couple of ways:

  • Check out the services I offer and then contact me for a complimentary business consultation.
  • Learn about the world of virtual assistance by checking out the resources I have compiled on VAs and freelancing. Those aren’t affiliate links! I’m not getting paid to endorse these sites. I just love them and want to share them with you.

Comment below! – What have you discovered are benefits to using a virtual assistant? If you are a VA, tell me what benefits others need to know.