A Quick Business Pinterest Tip

The latest issue of the Paperless Entrepreneur features a great article on using Pinterest for your business.

I wanted to add another quick tip to assist you!

Make sure you have an image to actually pin from your Web site. If your blog post or Web site doesn’t have a large image, the reader may not be able to upload the pin. So be careful which pages you add the “Pin It” button to. This is great encouragement to add images to your Web site. It will make them easily pinnable!

If you are creating a pin yourself, you can fix this issue by:

1) First, upload an applicable image when you click “Upload Pin.” You won’t be able to add the link at this point.

2) After pinning the image, immediately edit the pin and add whatever link you choose. A blog post, your Web site. Whatever you want. Now you have a new pin! I used this feature as an opportunity to link an infographic I had done and link back to my Web site.

Always remember that eventually, people will click your pins and expect useful content!